21st Century Parenting – II


Here are some tips that a parent can follow to have better bonding with the child:

  • Define boundaries before enforcing them
  • Always Respond; Never React
  • Distinguish between inflexible disobedience and childish irresponsibility
  • Reassure and teach after the confrontation is over.

The 21st century learning has reformed the role of parents from being mere supporters to being active participants in their child’s learning. There are some other key roles that parents are required to adopt in 21st century learning.

  • Teachers or Nurturers: Parents need to be completely involved with their child’s physical, moral, intellectual, emotional and social development. To nurture this development, parents need to provide their children with an appropriate environment that promotes learning and develops the skills and values needed to become physically, psychologically and emotionally healthy adults.
  • Communicators and Advisers: Parents should counsel their children on personal and educational issues by maintaining open communication.
  • Learners and Contributors: This role focuses on parents obtaining the necessary skills and knowledge that will assist them with their children’s education and social development.
  • Collaborators and Decision Makers: Parents should collaborate with the school staff and teachers to help solve problems, make decisions and develop policies that make the school system more responsive to families.

The best gifts to have kids are undefinable. Your child needs your “presence” more than your “presents”.

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