How To Apply

Admission Procedure

1. Registration form should be obtained from the school office during the school hours.

2. The School Office will give you the correct day, date and time for written entrance test. This test will be conducted in English, Nepali and Mathematics.

3. Successful candidates’ names will be informed after the declaration of results.

4. Candidates who have passed the written tests will be called for an interview. During the interview, candidates should be accompanied with the parents/ guardians. The School Office will furnish the right interview date and time.

5. After the completion of aforementioned formalities the student can be admitted on the submission of the Birth Certificate, four auto and four passport size photographs.

6. Parent will be given the total amount payable and the bank’s name by the Accounts Department.

7. The school will take the responsibility of uniform and the amount will be charged later.

8. Text books and exercise books will be supplied by the school and the charges will have to be paid at the time of admission.

9. As transportation is optional, parents deciding to choose the bus option will be charged separately.


Students’ fee bills will be sent out on the first day of the Nepali month for the specified period. Charges such as purchase of books, dresses and other if any also will be included in the bill. Parents are asked to make payment before the specified deadline on the bill. Payment should be made ONLY to specified banks.