Schooling in Nepal: Extended till Class 12

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For a very long time, Class 11 and 12 were considered a part of higher education, and therefore, existed as a separate program and not as a part of schooling. The program was considered by many as college education, and the institutions running the program as +2 colleges.

Right after the 10th standard board results, students went around looking for an appropriate so called college for higher education, with a lot of mental and financial stress added to their routine. Well, this no longer seems required.

Thanks to the recent policy introduced by the Ministry of Education, Nepal Government, the schools are now required to run 11th and 12th standard as a part of schooling. This means that the students will now get to spend two more years in their respective schools, avoiding all the stress to look for a separate institution.

Since last year, 10th standard final exams are no longer referred to as SLC (School Leaving Certificate) but as SEE (Secondary Education Examination). The term SLC will now be used to refer the 12th standard final exams, after which, they would finally say goodbye to their schools, and march towards the real college education.

HSEB (Higher Secondary Examination Board), the board that handled curriculum development and examinations of Class 11 and 12, is now merged with Nepal Board (which handled the same for Class 9 and 10), resulting in the formation of NEB (Nepal Examination Board). NEB will now be responsible for curriculum development and examination of Class 9 through Class 12.

This leaves institutions that run solely +2 at risk, as the MOE’s direction requires them to either open a school, and run classes from primary level till Class 12; merge with an already established school that runs classes up to 10th standard, and run 11th and 12th standard as a part of schooling; or shut down.

Though many schools and former +2 colleges have already started working as per the directive of the MOE, it is estimated that it will take a minimum of two to three years for things to get streamlined. Nepal Government has also banned the use and association of terms like +2 and higher secondary with Class 11 and 12 from this year onwards.

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